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Great post to start the day after the bank holiday.

Lovely to see the birth of these little sweet peas. A word of warning, from someone who's suffered the consequences already, I'd have a spray thingy (old washed out window cleaner bottle or something) filling with weak detergent (1 teaspoon) and a drop or two of tabasco ready for when those blasted aphids come to dine (in their hundreds) on your precious little babies.

The aphids seem to reproduce faster than those American families they do documentaries on, so it's easiest if you nip the problem in the bud and spray them at the very first sign.

keep postin'.

x Rad

Hollie Newton

Oh my goodness Rad - I woke up this morning and there were Aphids ALL OVER my roses.

I shall try your method this very evening.

Thank you Rad! xx

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